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I am grateful for being part of the projects below.

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Interactive Stagings and Experiences

Interactive walls, projection mapping, digital POS, HTML5

Due to restrictions I am not allowed to show these projects publicly on my website. But here are some simple visualizations and explanations to these projects.

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delia Bern

Logo & Corporate design

by p.i.n.k.elefant

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by p.i.n.k.elefant

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Logo Refresh & update

by p.i.n.k.elefant

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ready. Magazin

design conception, logo design, web

by p.i.n.k.elefant

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Due to restrictions I am not allowed to show all Projects publicly on my Website. I am grateful to have been part of a wide range of projects, which included:

3D Design  |  Product design  |  POS & Retail  |  Storytelling (Digital & Physical)  |  Projection Mapping  |  JavaScript Programming

If you want to learn more about these projects fill out the form beneath or contact me via:, 0041798219485

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