schematic overview

Due to restrictions I am not allowed to show all Projects publicly on my Website. I am still grateful to have been part of a wide range of digital projects.

variety of digital projects

As a digital designer I was employed in a company which sell interactive experiences for agencies and companies mostly based in Switzerland. For the most part we signed confidentiality declarations.

My contribution to these projects included: 3D Design & Product design,  POS & Retail, Storytelling (Digital & Physical), Projection Mapping, HTML5 and JavaScript Programming

As a solution for explaining what my part in these projects where I came up with this schematic Illustration and explanations. If you are interested in more information don't hesitate to contact me.

Interactive Walls

Companies these days are looking for interactive solutions to communicate to their customers in a playful and easy way. Digital experiences are getting easier to develop and bring benefits for the companies and their potential customers.

The Companies can use adaptive Layouts and communicate in a flexible way to their customers. The visitors on the other hand enjoy new experiences the've never seen or used before. Technology paves the way to new possibilities for communication.

Digital POS

In the past few years I've worked with significant companies in Switzerland. One part of this were implementations and launch of a pilot projects with digital point of sales.

From planing to designing to programming basic HTML5 apps I could reinvent myself and the company I worked in.

Projection Mapping

When It comes to eye catching stagings it is not done with still images anymore. People get more and more used to living in a digital world.

With programs like Madmapper and similar Apps we experimented a lot with Projectors and how you could use light as an additional layer for designing our environment.