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Breaking boundaries in interactive webdesign.

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redefining myself

Using my skills like HTML5 designing and coding, my learned and practiced abilities by experience like for example product design and projection mapping.

As a passionate designer since more than 7 years and my goal is to create human experiences of all kind. I am also very grateful to have been part of a variety of different Project throughout the past years.

My challenge:
As a digital designer I was employed in a company which sell interactive experiences for agencies and companies mostly based in Switzerland. For the most part we signed confidentiality declarations and so it would be a big challenge to use these projects in my portfolio. So I had to find ways to sell myself without using all of the confidential information.

interactive story and transparent workflow

I wanted to use the web as a tool to communicate my skills without having to bluff with these projects I mentioned above. And thats the reason I decided to create my webpage as a little adventure to explore.

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Interactive walls, projection mapping, HTML5

Because I still wanted to find a space on my website where I can explain a little further how the process of these projects where, I created a page where I to this with schematic gif's and explanations, so that you can understand what my part in these projects where.

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my website as a reason for hiring me

After all, I'm hoping to have showed you what my talents and skills are and I appreciate every kind of feedback! I am open and willing to create human experiences to make the word a little nicer for everyone.

If you feel convinced that I can help you with your project and bring it to the next level – I am your man!

Don't hesitate to contact me below. Let's calibrate and create!


Want to see more?

Due to restrictions I am not allowed to show all Projects publicly on my Website. I am grateful to have been part of a wide range of projects, which included:

3D Design  |  Product design  |  POS & Retail  |  Storytelling (Digital & Physical)  |  Projection Mapping  |  JavaScript Programming

If you want to learn more about these projects fill out the form beneath or contact me via: greg@greg.design, 0041798219485

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