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Bern, April 2022

About the present document

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions of Business for the cooperation between our customers and us, the company by Gregory Anthony Zagkos, referred to here in the document as

Dear customers
we treat your order, as well as the communication in the context of the order confidentially and keep your company secret.

We will only work for a competitor of our client if there is knowingly no direct competition in the order placed with

We reserve the right to report on publicly accessible client projects in digital media or the trade press - unless a client explicitly requests otherwise - without prior consultation with the client.

Depending on the task, will engage third parties (suppliers such as printers, media, freelancers, etc.) on behalf of the client. may also engage third parties to work as subcontractors in connection with the assignment. All obligations of the agency vis-à-vis the customer shall also apply to the subcontracted partners.

Intellectual property

We comply with third party licensing requirements
License We use protected material only with the appropriate license rights. This includes writings, software, image and video material as well as other protected objects. cannot be held liable for infringements of copyrights by customers.

All copyrights for works that develops and creates on behalf of a customer against payment or free of charge (e.g. concepts, designs, logos, images, programs, advertising strategies and concepts) remain with The rights of use shall pass to the customer upon full payment of the order invoice. Exceptions to this are special arrangements agreed in writing at the request of the customer. Rights of use of third-party works used are regulated separately. For example, in the procurement of material from photo agencies, photographers, models and musicians. The further use and implementation of concepts and ideas proposed in the order may be used without the involvement of only with the express consent of is entitled to use its own developed concepts in modified form for other projects and customers.

Use of order data

Data that has created for a customer as part of a project will be made available to the customer upon request and in return for compensation for the provision of the data.

Offer & Order

Fair and transparent

Our offers are fair, transparent, and tailored to the customer's needs and consequently to the customer briefing. We attach great importance to achieving the best result for our customers. We are also available for personal meetings to explain individual positions and entire offers, so that the customer and as well as we count on the same result.

Project completion

An order is considered completed when the project is handed over to the customer.

The customer is aware that especially digital results cannot be 100% perfect due to rapid technical development and system diversity. Not all eventualities can be covered in the service agreement. We optimize websites and applications according to standards that are common during the order placement. Defects demonstrably caused by must be reported no later than 15 days after completion of the project so that can remedy them.

Third-party services

Third-party services and services provided by suppliers shall be charged to the customer without surcharges or commissions. shall endeavor to handle invoicing directly between the supplier and the customer. Offers from are always exclusive of third-party costs. This, even if they are necessary for the implementation of the order, the order relationship during production exists directly between the customer and the supplier. Examples of suppliers are printers, hosting providers, CMS manufacturers, etc..

Additional service

In the case of partial services in quotations, deviations between the estimated and the actual effort are possible. Additional services that are requested by the customer during the course of the project and cause additional work will be invoiced separately.

Handling of customer data

We trust data sent to us confidentially. We protect the data entrusted to us as much as possible. The data will be stored for a minimum period of 2 years. In the case of data whose loss or misuse would have serious consequences, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure separate protection.

Exclusion of liability for work with third parties is not liable for failures, malfunctions or the like of suppliers. We select our suppliers on the basis of experience and regard them merely as recommendations. is not responsible for their availability or quality. cannot assume any liability for damages beyond the value of our services rendered. Liability for indirect damages or consequential damages is excluded.

We will be happy to accept any provisions and agreements missing from these General Terms and Conditions of Business of We will gladly answer your questions in a personal conversation.

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