graphic design,
branding & identity,
user experience & interaction,
vector & 3D

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An animated story about my motivations, goals and my path to a professional designer.

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Gregory Anthony Zagkos

graphic design & design consultant
#trust, #creative

About me

My full name is Gregory Anthony Zagkos and I am a full-time creative worker and graphic designer currently in Berne, Switzerland. My goal is to design experiences and reflect the values of a project so that it can reach its purpose. I like to be part of projects with impact and as a problem solver I appreciate being a design consultant.

Free and technical Illustration ++++
Vector-graphics +++++
Vector-animations ++++
Image editing ++++
Image retouching +++
Social media design +++
Video editing +++

Storytelling ++++
Mood creation +++
Design-Conception (CI/CD) ++++
Interaction-Design (UX/UI) ++++
3D Design +++

Adobe Illustrator +++++
Adobe Photoshop ++++
Adobe InDesign ++++
Adobe After-Effects +++
Adobe Dreamweaver +++
Brackets +++

WordPress +++
Webflow ++++
Joomla +
HTML5 ++++
CSS +++
JS ++

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