Schoenzeit Kosmetik Burgdorf

had an outdated appearance and came to me with the request to create a new logo and a mobile-friendly website.After some back and forth, a new corporate design was gradually determined. The focus and challenge of the project was to rethink the company's design to suit their facilities.

The logo was born from the idea that the company as well as every customer can become a butterfly. The initials “SZ” by Schoenzeit are integrated in the logo and give a coherent, clear picture and get a curvy touch to the curved “Z”.

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Schoenzeit Kosmetik


After several design suggestions a direction was taken and the programming of the website took its course. The challenge to the website was simple as well as complex: because they have so many different treatments, several templates should be created.

On the one hand, listings are required in order to show a clear presentation of the individual sub-offers. On the other hand, additional information can be added to various offers. The same applies to the gallery options. In order to ensure flexibility, the WordPress CMS had to be customized in such a way that all content could be adapted to suit the needs of a layman. In the future, every employee can change content without having the design suffering.

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User Experience

In order to enhance the user experience and to give the website visitors a positive experience, buttons can be customized at the end of every page or a site search can be started. The visitors should reach the page they are looking for with as few clicks as possible.

As an additional element, the logo was integrated into the website as a preloader with a small animation. This completes the appearance and ensures a visual feedback that the page is loading. This avoids users to be overwhelmed.

The first impression counts and with some sense of finesse we have created a new look together. To stay coherent with the visual appearance of the shop, a lot of white space was used in the designs.

So the website got a new, beautiful and fitting look and a good user experience is now guaranteed on all mobile and desktop devices.

Window Display

After some time I could redesign their window display and make the beauty salon appear even better from the street where they are located in. Using their logo as a corner-element is a nice playful detail that gives their salon something special to recognize.

Increase of Customers

Since the company is slowly growing – especially in the time we did the redesign – the resonance was extremely positive and that makes me really happy. They rented additional apartments in the building to have more room for their services.

I am proud to offer my skills and services to push the success of companies and projects in ways like this.

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