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Portrait of Gregory Anthony Zagkos smiling and looking to his left

Gregory Anthony Zagkos

As a design consultant and Swiss graphic designer my goal is to design brand experiences and reflect the values of projects so that they can fulfil their purpose. I like to be part of projects that have a positive impact on our social and ecological environment and as a passionate problem solver, I like to bring my inputs into the process to create awesome things together 💪🏼 #bettertogether!

designer profile & skills

Design Consulting +++++
Trustworthy Storytelling ++++
Logodesign +++++
Corporate Identity & Design (CI/CD) ++++
Interaction-Design (UI/UX) ++++
3D / Product Design +++
Scenography ++++
Fair Stand Design +++

Photography & Film ++++
Free & technical Illustration ++++
Vector-graphics +++++
Vector-animations +++++
3D Visualization ++++
3D Animations +++
Image editing & retouching +++++
Video editing ++++
Social media design ++++

Webflow +++++
WordPress ++++
Wix Editor +++
HTML5 ++++
CSS +++
JS ++
Verge 3D +++

Adobe Illustrator +++++
Adobe Photoshop +++++
Adobe InDesign +++++
Adobe After-Effects ++++
Adobe Premiere Pro ++++
Adobe XD +++++
Brackets +++
Blender 3D ++++
… and more.

Where may
I take you?

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