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I am grateful to be part of this project to bring some interactivity to the DSI community-websites through custom lottie animations. A cooperation with gettheflow GmbH and Rosa Guggenheim.




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Lottie Web-Animations


Digital Society Initiative


The DSI Community Communication focuses on research related to communicative challenges in a digital society.

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The community cybersecurity is an integral part of the DSI network of the University of Zurich dedicated to exploring and understanding cybersecurity.

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The DSI Community Democracy focuses on research related to the impact of digitalisation on the political system, on democracy, and on related topics.

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The Digital Society Initiative community “Work” brings together scholars across disciplines to examine how technological advances and other forces are changing the world of work and how we can shape change for the better.

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The Health Community is the DSI platform where researchers from all faculties interact to develop methodologies and research in the digital health domain, based on a shared vision of good digital practice.

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The DSI Ethics Community unifies all researchers in ethics and related domains that are interested in ethical aspects of digitalization.

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