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I like to have an open communication about how I work. Guiding my clients through creative process.

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It all starts with basics.
We're extracting the idea
analysing different viewpoints,
and then it's time to get real.
I'd like to show you a little insight of how I work.

first brief

At the beginning we just need to talk. What are the goals and targets? What platforms are currently available? What platforms can we experiment with? etc. etc.

content and information

Besides a briefing I need concrete inputs. Give me all the information you have.

offer calculation

After I know what you are looking for and how much effort it could take, I will make you an offer for the project.


…is king! I want YOU to be happy with what I do. Because you are paying me for solutions and my goal is to develop and create them for you. From here on, feedback is crucial in every stage.


Every project has its own challenges. The prepayment ensures you quality and gives me a base to work and invest.

defining mood and style

I will develop a few idea's based on your feedback.

sketches and drafts

After settling on how the design should look and feel, I will create multiple drafts to choose and discuss from. I want my clients to feel involved.

layout and creation

At this point we're ready to move forward and this is also where the design gets a real character.


Now we're giving the design its final touch. Where can we push an pull the details to make it a wrap?

optimization and debriefing

Here is where we want to talk about not only the final adjustments, but also how everything went. I want to grow through collecting feedback and adapt to the needs of my clients.

final payment and completion

At this point we successfully went public with the design and sum up the last bits and bites.


If needed, I will provide you with an appropriate support. Because I care of our creations and I want to ensure its long term performance.

Thank you
for your time
and attention.

and now?

Let's get in touch!