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This is a scrollable animation about my thoughts to becoming a professional designer.

My father was a pilot.
So as a little boy I was lucky
to have travelled around the world.
Growing up between Swiss mountains, Greek islands and airports was
unusual and influential.
This childhood made me conscious of the world and my environment.
I always loved
arts, expression and
For me it definitely felt like the digital age grew with my generation.
While learning graphic design I knew:
I am going to design with impact.
I took my opportunities to adapt to the business world and learn lots of skills over the years.
Creating mixed physical and digital installations changed my view of design.
Design is about creating human interactions
and experiences.
Design is about
how you make people feel.
We want to feel safe, we want to be told the truth and we want transparency.
Today I push myself to focus on the right values of a project so it can reach its purpose while creating positive memories.
Design is a way to make our world more human.

Thank you
for your time
and attention.

and now?