Hübeli Holstein

…stands for high-quality, traditional breeding of the classic milk cow "Holstein" in Europe. The Holstein breed is the most important milk race in the world. The client approached me with the need to create a new, modern logo with a traditional touch.

Mainly, they wanted to boost their social media presence as a start. But on this basis, the foundation was to be laid to create a consistent design concept for the future.

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Hübeli Holstein


The starting point of the client was, among other things, that their cows should be represented in a certain way in the logo.

Together with the client I worked in phases and showed them their possibilities. With personal conversations and my transparent approach, I was able to filter out step by step throughout the 4 phases what the client wanted and was able to use my skills to translate this into my designs.With the help of Photoshop mockups and Instagram layouts (to name a few), the client was able to visually see how their brand might feel in the future.

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The result is a logo with which the client can identify themselves 100% and I managed to give them the feeling of being actively involved in the design process.Our clients come to us designers because they have a lack in our field and they need help. It is my job to catch these individual needs and use my skills to create a wholesome concept. Not only for me, but primarily for the customers.

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